WaterClean Shower 2in1, Discrete douche

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WaterClean Shower 2in1 is both a smart showerhead with three water outlets but it also has built in rinse wand.

Are you tired of removing the whole showerhead from the hose every time, put the rinse wand on and afterwards again mount the showerhead when you are done?

We know it well... and then the rubber gasket disappears or gets destroyed.

WaterClean Shower's price is below what a good showerhead from a hardware store costs and there will come plenty of water from both the showerhead and the rinse wand.

Here you get a good showerhead and rinse wand and you don't have to switch all the time. You easily screw the showerhead off and when it's a rinse wand ready for use.

Product information
Length: 14 cm
Usable length: 10 cm
Diameter: 2 cm


The weight:
800 gram
Weight with packaging:
1100 gram

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