Topped Toys Cetos, 110 - Red/Black

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Cetos from Topped Toys is a top class dildo!

Cetos is a delicious squishy toy where you more safely, easier and faster can expand your hole to take toys with larger diameter and longer depth.

We carry Cetos in 5 sizes, so you can get a size that suits you. From there, you can then quietly work your way up in size.

We recommend using water-based, hybrid or oil-based lubricants with your Topped Toys product. You can use silicone, but the cleaning will be extremely difficult.


  • Cetos 70

Maximum diameter: 5.6 cm

Neck diameter: 5.1 cm

Insertable length: 20.1 cm


  • Cetos 90

Maximum diameter: 7.1 cm

Neck diameter: 6.4 cm

Insertable length: 22.2 cm


  • Cetos 110

Maximum diameter: 8.9 cm

Neck diameter: 8 cm

Insertable length: 25.4 cm


  • Cetos 130

Maximum diameter: 10.5 cm

Neck diameter: 9.7 cm

Insertable length: 25.4 cm


  • Cetos 150

Maximum diameter: 12.2 cm

Neck diameter: 11.4 cm

Insertable length: 26.7 cm


The weight:
400 gram

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