Retro colored hankies, Brown

The gay color code system was originally invented in New York in the early 70s.

Then, as today, it was quite convenient to be able to see if the hot guy at the bar like the same as you.

Today we have the internet with dating profiles where you can clearly tell what turns you on. But these retro handkerchiefs have got their renaissance and re-emerging more and more at the gay clubs in both Europe and the U.S., both because they are decorative but also to once again to explain in urban life what one likes ..

You can wear the hanky in 3 ways:

  • Left pocket: Active
  • Right pocket: Passive
  • Or the neck: Both active and passive.

Here you can see what colors of the various hankies means:

  • Black: SM
  • Navy blue: Anal Sex
  • Purple: Piercing
  • Dark Pink: Spanking
  • Light Blue: Oral
  • Red: Fistfuck
  • Dark red: Double Fist fuck
  • Brown: Scat
  • Yellow: Piss
  • Green: Army uniform
  • Pink: Dildos
  • Grey: Bondage


The weight:
150 gram

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