Lovense - Diamo, Vibrating Cockring

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Lovense - Diamo is a Bluetooth remote-controlled vibrating cock ring for comfortable wear that provides a harder, longer lasting erection and increases your sexual stamina.

It is perfect to use during solo play, discreet public play, but of course also ideal together with your partner for both close and long-distance control.

As you can see in the pictures, Diamo can be worn in four different ways that each focus on specific erogenous zones. 


Close Range Control - Tap and slide control interface is perfect for solo play or foreplay with a partner!

Customize Your Vibrations - Once in the programming mode in the Lovense app, you can store up to 10 patterns
(that you create) in Diamo.

Long Distance Control - The Lovense app enables a partner to take control from any distance.

Unlimited Patterns - Create, download and share vibration patterns.

Music Based Vibrations - Sync to your favorite music.

Sound Activated - The Lovense app will use your smartphone's microphone and vibrate based on the sounds around you.

Diamo Vibrating Cockring will:

- Delay orgasms, provide harder, longer lasting erection
- Offer multiple positios to wear it
- Via its wibrating extension provide stimulation targeted on the wearer's peineum (or partner's clit during sex)
- Be completely handsfree, wearable and discreet - perfect for public play
- Be compatible with all Lovense's apps and software, perfect for male cam models

Length: 13.3 cm
Outside diameter of cockring: 6.5 cm
Inside diameter of cockring: 4.5 cm
Width of vibrating extension: 3.3 cm


The weight:
240 gram

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