Personal data policy

What data do we register about you?

All visitors to Homowares website gets their browsering registered - what pages has been visited, what IP address was used and what browser was used. These data can not be linked to you as a person.

When you visit a cookie is placed on your computer. These small text files are harmless and only contain information about your order and they are automatically deleted by your browser,

Club Homoware

If you choose to join our newsletter directly from our website we will send you a verification mail that needs to be confirmed by clicking a link. Not until your mail has been confirmed is you subscribtion to Club Homoware valid.

By joining our newsletter (Club Homoware) when you are placing an order from the website you actively have to select to join. You will recieve a verification email but payment of the order stands for verification as well.

As long as you're a member of Club Homoware we store your personal data (Name and email - in some cases your address and phone number if you've these to your profile), in order for us to send you our newsletter by mail.

You can at any time unsubscribe from Club Homoware directly from a newsletter, through our website or by writing to us at

After unsubscribing to Club Homoware we anonomize your personal data after 6 months.

When buying from Homoware

If you choose to shop on it is nessesary to give us your name, address and email in order for us to send you your orderconfirmation/invoice and the items you bought.

You can additionally add your phone number to the order so you can recieve updates on your package from the postal services.

We will store data about the order for a period of 5 year due to Danish legislation thought we will keep data stored for a longer period if you choose to continue to shop with us, so we can provide you with a complete order history.

Your customer record will be stored for 2 year and then we'll automatically anonomize it. Though if you are a member of Club Homoware we will store your personal data until 6 months after unsubscribtion from Club Homoware.

When we have anonomized your customer record you will no longer be in our systems nor will you be able to log in and view your order history.

Cancelled orders

If you enter your personal data on an order but don't complete the order (pay the order), we will anonomize all data after 6 months.

What do we use the data for

We only use your data to expidite your order or send newsletters to you if you are a member of Club Homoware. We only register the information that are needed to live up to the agreement between you and us when you've placed an order with us.

Please not that some products (typically, but not limited to, fetish products) on can be considered sensitive personal information if these are connected with you as a person.

Who has access to the data

All personal data that can identify you as a person, (name, email and phonenumber are stored in our systems but are all encrypted and only employees at Homoware has access to these information.

All data on are sent through SSL (Encrypted internet connections) so no third parties can intercept what you view or enter on our website.

Who do we share data with

In order for us to send you your order we have to shared your address information with the postal services in Denmark (PostNord) – though the will not recieve any information about the content of the parcel - only name, address, email and phone number.

It is the responsibility of Homoware to ensure that your information is not misused. So we optain guaranties from our partners if your information is given to parties outside Homoware.

We never sell your data to third parties and only pass on information in the extend that it is need to live up to our agreement with you (Shipping an order, contacting your upon requests from your or sending a newsletter.

Who is responsible

HarinWeb/Homoware is responsible for your data when stored in our system and we do everything possible to make sure that your feel safe when placing an order or communicating with us.

The responsible person for the use of data at Homoware is Henning Flyngborg - contact him through our customer service if you have further questions about the usage of your data.

Your rights

The right to insight

If you want to know what information we keep of you you have the right to insight. This means you only have to write to us and we will send you everything we've registered about you. We will confirm the insight-request within 3 work-days and send the data before 30 days.

The right to correct

You have the right to have your data corrected if they are wrong - and this is done by contacting our customer service at

The right to anomomizing

You can at any time ask us to anonomize your data - these matters should be addressed to our customer service at We will confirm your request within 3 work-days and complete the anonomizing within 30 days. Please note that we are required by law to keep some data up to 5 years.

When we anonomize data all personal data (Name, adresse, email, phone numbers) will be changed to computer generated gibberish, and it will no longer be possible for us (or any other) to track information back to you.

We anonomize your data automatically when we have no need for them - only if you wish to be anonomized before time should you contact us.

Due to documentation all request about the right to insight correction or anomomizing should be done in writing to

Options to complain

If you believe that your personal data are being abused by us or you're not satisfied with our way of handling your data please contact us in order for us to fix it.

Your have the right to file a complaint with the Danish Datatilsynet (Official oversight of data usage in Denmark) if your unhappy about the way with use your data. You can find the contact information for the Datatilsynets on


If you have any questions about our personal data policy please contact us our customer service